Friday, 17 February 2017

Training mode


Alhamdullillah. Done my induction training by Peugeot.

How to pronounce? Peh-zhoh not Pijot 😁

U know what? Some people by the car because of the brand and value after. But the important thing that have in the car is the safety feature which is don't have in ASEAN car. So weird kan.

Eventhought the car have their airbags problem and until now did not solved. People still buy. I'm as sales consultant. I don't want to sell that car.  Mati lah kalau airbag tu meletop. Tak boleh lari ooo...

Ok. Don't want to chit chat much. Just proud and legaaaa.. Dah habis training... Now, I have my passport. Yea!!!!!

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